Do you lock or secure your doors?


Many residents and Business Owners think they are Secured but are really partially secured. Securing your door could be as easy, as making sure the hole for the deadbolt is deep enough for the bolt to have a full extension locking it in place. If the hole is not deep enough, a thin knife or screwdriver could push the bolt back. Opening the lock. Another Lock and Not Secured is not Changing your Locks when you move into a New Home or Business. You never know who still has a key. This advice follows over to the Business owners. Always change your Locks when moving into a New Building or if you Terminate an Employee. You don’t know how many extra keys are out there or if he gave it out. Another way to secure both Residents and Businesses is installing and maintaining High Security Locks. You Have Key Control and a better quality of Lock. You have accountability of who has access to your Residence or Business. Key are Restricted and cannot be made at Home Depot, Lowes or Local Hardware Store.

If you have any questions of being Locked or Secured for your Business or Residence, give our experienced company a call.

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As times evolve, the crime rate continues to grow. More and more often, intruders are entering family homes with the intention of taking valuable possessions to sell for money. For most families, security at home has become one of the top priorities on their list. But security goes beyond locking your doors and windows. For some, they need a little extra assurance that their families are safe in the comfort of their home. For this reason, they choose their favorite locksmith to ensure their home is secure from intruders. Locksmiths are trained security experts with skills that begin with door locks and go so much further.

We provide all of the following residential locksmith services:

  • Fast lockout service
  • Push-button locks
  • Pick-proof locks
  • Childproof locks
  • Alzheimer's patients security locks
  • Locks rekeyed and repaired
  • Deadbolts changed
  • Doorknob locks
  • Mailbox keys & locks
  • Hurricane shutter keys replaced
  • New locks installed
  • Decorative locks installed
  • High security (Medeco)
  • Sliding patio door locks
  • Safe combination
  • Door scopes/peepholes installed

All Your Security Needs

Locksmiths do much more in a day than work with a lock and key. They are highly trained and bonded professionals who are there to ensure you are safe and secure in your home. So do not hesitate to call us the next time you want to increase the security of your home

Residential Locksmith in Margate

While having high-security locks and deadbolts placed on your doors by a professional locksmith is always a good idea, for some it may not be enough to make them content. Many locksmiths understand this and have other areas of security that they can apply to a residential home. Locksmiths do much more in a day than work with a lock and key. They are highly trained and bonded professionals who are there to ensure you are safe and secure in your home. So do not hesitate to call a locksmith the next time you want to increase the security of your home.

When you see our truck, you have peace of mind knowing we are there to secure your home or business and not just locking it up. Ask yourself this question: Are you locking your door or are you securing your door? If you are not sure, give us a call at 954-319-2144.



Locksmith Security Hardware is your Commercial Security Provider

Many simple steps can be taken to protect your business and staff, but also consider hiring a loss prevention
consultant to help identify your security and safety strengths and weaknesses. It's difficult for anyone to see the
trees through the forest, Bringing in a loss prevention consultant allows them to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

They can then build a tactical plan to help. This is where Locksmith Security Hardware can help you with the physical security of your business. Do you have key control? Any normal key can be duplicated by your local hardware stores. Consider some restricted keyway to prevent keys getting into the wrong hands. Make sure all hardware at your business is serviced and securing the areas it was meant to secure. Check storage rooms, main offices and make sure they are secured properly.

AtLocksmith Security Hardware we have over 20 years of experience securing your business. Our services include
restricted key control, high security locks, electric access control, panic devices and door closers, just to name a few.

We provide all of the following commercial locksmith services:

  • Medeco High-Security Locks
  • Electric door releases
  • Card access systems
  • Push-button lock systems
  • Electronic lock systems
  • Panic devices
  • Exit alarms
  • Magnetic locks
  • Pool/tennis court locks
  • Storefront door hardware
  • Door closers/hinges
  • Key control systems
  • Safes
  • Gun safes
  • Decorative handle lock hardware
  • Access control

Some of our clients include:

  • Prada
  • MontBlanc
  • Valentino
  • Walgreens
  • Cartier
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Gucci
  • The Check Cashing Store

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